FinalCrypt - The world's most unbreakable encryption
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Why FinalCrypt ?

FinalCrypt uses symmetric One-Time-Pad File-Encryption, which is the most unbreakable encryption known.

Disk-Encryption doesn't protect against intruded virusses, spyware, malware or hackers. Only File-Encryption does.

Most encryption software uses recently broken AES.

The Shor's Algorithm will instantly break all asymmetric encryption with Quantum Computers.

FinalCrypt is Free, Non-Profit, One-Time Pad File Encryption.

Run FinalCrypt without installing
Install MSIFinalCrypt_Windows_Installer.msi
Default FinalCrypt installation file
Install EXEFinalCrypt_Windows_Installer_Legacy.exe
Alternative FinalCrypt installation file
Install DMGFinalCrypt_Apple_OSX.dmg
Apple OSX FinalCrypt installation file
Java ByteCode
(Requires Java8)
FinalCrypt Open Source Code
Portable TGZFinalCrypt_Linux_x86_64.tgz
Run FinalCrypt without installing
Install DEBFinalCrypt_Linux_x86_64_Debian_Based.deb
FinalCrypt Debian package installation file
Install RPMFinalCrypt_Linux_x86_64_RPM_Based.rpm
FinalCrypt RedHat package installation file

Installation Manual | Checksums


FinalCrypt keys are FIPS140-2 & RFC1750 compliant and can be generated in unlimited file sizes.

FinalCrypt keys aren't recognizable and have no fixed location to prevent detection by key harvesting / malware.

An optional password blocks stolen keys from decrypting.


FinalCrypt has a modern graphical user interface with audiovisual user-guidance and a fully featured (command line interface) suited for home and professional use.

Encrypt up to 4 billion files in one go. No need to encrypt files one by one, supporting unlimited file size. Select multiple files and directories and encrypt or decrypt.


All FinalCrypt releases are uploaded to VirusTotal to scan for malicious software at 70 anti-virus companies.

FinalCrypt is guaranteed free of spyware or malware. We want you to feel absolutely confident about our software.

Test FinalCrypt at VirusTotal


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FinalCrypt is Non-Profit
Free Use - Free Support
Open Access Source Code
Creative Commons License


Ron de Jong
FinalCrypt Support
The Netherlands, Zaandijk
Email | Telegram Message

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