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FinalCrypt 6.8.0 for Apple MacOS (Server: tiny)

Portable for Apple MacOS x64 (Preferred)

See Video

Installable for Apple OXS x64

Double click the: "finalcrypt_apple_installer_x64.dmg"
Drag: "FinalCrypt" to the "Applications" map
Open System Preferences → Security & Privacy
Click (Un)Lock set "Allow apps dl from" → "Anywhere"
Open Launchpad (F4) and click: "FinalCrypt" to start

Command line installation:

hdiutil attach finalcrypt_apple_installer_x64.dmg
sudo cp -R "/Volumes/FinalCrypt/FinalCrypt.app" /Applications/
hdiutil detach /Volumes/FinalCrypt/

Run from command line:

/Applications/FinalCrypt.app/Contents/MacOS/FinalCrypt &

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