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FinalCrypt 6.3.10 Other (Server: FinalCrypt)

Portable version for all Java8 enabled Operating Systems

Download "finalcrypt.jar" to the "Downloads" directory
Open a Files-Manager in your "Downloads" directory
Install JAVA 8 and Double Click "finalcrypt.jar" to run

Command line extraction:

tar xzvf Downloads/jre-8u*-linux*.tar.gz -C "${HOME}/" # Non BSD
sudo pkg install `pkg search jfx8-dev | awk '{ print $1 }'` # BSD
sudo ln -sf $HOME/jre1.8.*/bin/java* /usr/bin/ # Non BSD

Run from command line:

java -jar Downloads/finalcrypt.jar # Start FinalCrypt GUI
java -cp Downloads/finalcrypt.jar rdj.CLUI # Start FinalCrypt CLI

SHA-256 checksums for all relevant files

Check Safety

UNIX Shell script for decryption integrity testing

Read More

FinalCrypt (Open) Source Code

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