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Language Instructions

Languages can be corrected and added to FinalCrypt

Download and install the Netbeans Editor
Download and extract the FinalCrypt SourceCode

Go into to the sourcecode extracted directory: FinalCrypt/src/rdj/language
Copy the "" file to say "" (Swahili Example)
Refer to the "iso639.txt" language standards file to find and correlate all language-names and language-codes
Edit the "" file with Netbeans and copy it's (English content) and translate it with Google Translation
Make sure in Google Translation that you select English on the left side and select your target language on the right side (Swahili Example)
Google Translation can't handle all 145 lines at once, so translate the first half and then the second half
Click the copy button at the bottom right of Google Translate and paste the translation back into the "" file

Replace ' = ' with '=' (remove spaces directly before and after the '=' sign)
Replace '\ r' with '\r' ('\r\n' represents line spaces)
Replace '\ n' with '\n' ('\r\n' represents line spaces)
Replace '\ "' with '\"' (also make sure '".bit"' isn't translated)

Correct here and there and send the "" file to
At the next release I'll include your translation. Thank you very much for translating!