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Disk Encryption
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Disk Encryption & Spyware
Disk Encryption is Spyware Unsafe
  • Most people choose Disk Encryption like: BitLocker, FileVault, LUKS, VeraCrypt, Cryptomator etc. because it encrypts at drive level​
  • Once the drive is unlocked a logical drive (or mount point) is presented to the user. All applications can now open all files
  • Spyware also has access to all files in the logical drive (or mount point) from the inside once your drive is unlocked
  • This is why Disk Encryption doesn't protect against Spyware and only File Encryption offers constant protection !
File Encryption & Spyware
File Encryption is Spyware Safe
  • Encrypting Files keeps your OS / Encryption App from offering a logical drive / mount point
  • Spyware can get to any (logical) drive / mount but the files inside the drive / mount are encrypted
  • This is why File Encryption does protect against Spyware running in the background
  • FinalCrypt is the only unbreakable OTP (Mass) File Encryption application publicly available

Spyware & Cloud Safe

Surveillance Capitalism

Todays biggest espionage threats don't come from creapy hackers in black capes. It comes from Global Industrial Espionage in the form of Operating Systems delivering bugs as backdoors, file indexing services and widely used free applications allowing you to enjoy the Internet