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As an expert in writing software reviews for Windows 11, I had the opportunity to test out FinalCrypt - a powerful and secure file encryption software developed by Ron de Jong. This reliable software is designed to help users protect their sensitive data from prying eyes.

When you first download FinalCrypt, you'll be impressed by its clean and user-friendly interface, making it easy for even a novice user to navigate. Its fast file encryption and decryption feature ensures that users can encrypt or decrypt any size of file instantly, making it ideal for individuals and businesses alike.

One of the best things about FinalCrypt is that it offers comprehensive security features, including support for One-Time Pad encryption. This robust encryption method ensures that your files remain secure and will not be accessible by hackers, even if they gain access to your computer.

FinalCrypt also offers extensive customization options, allowing users to choose from various encryption algorithms, key sizes, and password parameters. This flexibility ensures that users can tailor the software to their specific needs and requirements.

Overall, FinalCrypt is an excellent choice for anyone looking for powerful and easy-to-use file encryption software. Ron de Jong has done a fantastic job in developing this reliable program, making it an essential tool for anyone looking to protect their sensitive data. If you're looking for a secure and flexible file encryption solution, FinalCrypt should be at the top of your list.

2023-05-19 • Windows 11 Downloads • Review Website • Software Ratings
"Most users who use encryption systems typically apply encryption to the entire hard drive using tools like BitLocker . These tools apply encryption to the entire disk so that if the hard disk is stolen without the password, they will not be able to access them. The problem is that once the disk is unlocked with your password, for example, while using the computer, unwanted applications or malware can easily access all these files. So if we really want to protect our data, the best way to do this is to individually encrypt the most important files, and this is where FinalCrypt comes in

FinalCrypt is a simple free and open source application designed to allow us to easily apply encryption to our most sensitive files so that we can easily protect them using robust and secure encryption algorithms."

2019-04-19 • Ruben Velasco • System Analyst • Mentor
"I am a regular user of FinalCrypt in both Windows 10 and GNU / Linux environments, and I congratulate you for the excellent work you have carried out, your work has really been formidable! Thank you!"

2021-02-05 • Rubén Bermúdez • Mathematics • Physics Laboratory Assistant
"Look at FinalCrypt 100% free - Considered the next great unbreakable encryption by many critics & users. ... And, it also comes in a portable version."

2020-02-10 • DevineNews • Psychologist • Teacher
"Finally a good file encryption utility to replace TrueCrypt. FinalCrypt"

2019-03-26 • Kris Lall • Sr. Product Manager • Soccer Coach
"Finalcrypt seems to be an answer to the current work being done by government agencies on elliptical curve encryption, ‘coz, let’s face it, the threat to privacy is internal these days too. (Like when the GCHQ hacked Belgain telecoms). Cryptography is almost the only thing that protects your digital privacy, and, if you care, you should encrypt everything. If you want to keep your data truly safe, you need OTP and thus Finalcrypt. Ron has put in tremendous effort to make your world a safer place"

2019-12-27 • Erik The Unready • Writer • Full Circle Magazine
"FinalCrypt is a free, open-source, cross-platform GUI tool ( Linux, macOS, Windows ) that makes file encryption incredibly easy"

2019-03-21 • Jack Wallen • Tech Writer • TechRepublic & linux.com
"FinalCrypt is an open-source, cross-platform file encryption platform with two trump cards up its sleeve. The first is its use of Symmetric OTP encryption, of course, while it’s also been designed for bulk file encryption purpose"

2019-04-02 • Roy Schestowitz • Software Engineer
"FinalEncrypt will appeal to those who put security over convenience – if you need to lock your files tight, its OTP encryption beats all other forms"

2021-05-11 • Nick Peers • Writer • Editor • Translator
"If you're looking for an encryption tool that offers a unique approach and a well-designed GUI, FinalCrypt might be just the tool"

2019-03-21 • AJ Durling • Geek by trade • Pianist
"A simple and user-friendly encryption program available for Linux"

2019-04-06 • Ankush Das • Computer Science Graduate • Staff Writer "It's Foss"
"Stolen documents, books, financial records ... computer? At least your files are safe!"

2019-12-27 • David J Curtis • Network Engineering • Liberal Arts • Bartender
"Encrypt your data before to sync them on your favorite cloudstorage should be your next big thing. FinalCrypt help you to achieve this, super easy!"

2018-07-11 • Alain Picard • CyberSecurity • Amazon AWS Managed Services
"FinalCrypt is an Oracle Java based file encryption utility for all the popular platforms like Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It uses good old fashioned one-time pad file encryption that was first described by the famous American cryptographer Frank Miller in 1882. Even more than a hundred years later, this method is impossible to crack even by the supercomputers"

2019-03-03 • Trisha • trishtech.com
"FinalCrypt is an open source file encryption program that allows you to encrypt any file, no matter how big it is. Use this unique program to secure and protect your data through a simple and relatively quick process.

The program is very easy to use. All you have to do is select the files you want to encrypt on the left-hand side of the screen, followed by the output directory on the right. Next, click the encrypt button and wait a few seconds (or maybe a little longer, depending on your file size) for the process to complete. You can also use FinalCrypt to decrypt any files previously encoded by the program.

Thanks to VirusTotal, you can use FinalCrypt with confidence because the security of your files is completely guaranteed. FinalCrypt is an excellent encryption tool that offers maximum security and protects your files and documents against any external threat, all through an elegant and easy-to-use interface."

2020-07-15 • UpToDown • uptodown.com
"For those of you who need the absolute robust and mighty encryption out there, FinalCrypt is something worth giving a try"

2019-04-02 • Bill Toulas • OpenSource Advocate • technadu.com
"FinalCrypt is an open supply, cross-platform (Linux, macOS, Home windows), and free GUI software that makes encrypting information extremely simple"

2019-03-23 • Gabriel Vance • Tech and Startup Geek • Sydney, Australia
"FinalCrypt is an excellent piece of encryption software"

2019-06-23 • Derrik Diener • Freelance Tech Blogger
"I definitely recommend FinalCrypt"

2019 • Klarlack
"Thank You for a Great Application... I'll find some way to re-pay you..."

2019-09-26 • Kyrios Kotu
"Want an easier to understand encryption tool? Try FinalCrypt! It uses symmetric one-time-pad file encryption to increase security"

2019-06-23 • Erick Archila • Real Estate Professional
"If you need to encrypt important files on your Linux PC , then you can take advantage of an excellent free tool"

2019-07-13 • Alessio Salome • Tech Writer
"Windows offers excellent possibilities to encrypt files or folders that you do not want to fall into the wrong hands. If you do not find that method robust enough, there are the necessary third-party programs that offer encryption. Although currently safe, there are fears that conventional encryption methods will eventually not be able to withstand the power of so-called quantum computers. However, there is one absolutely uncrackable method: one time pad encryption. You can find it in the free FinalCrypt. It does not offer any tricks such as system integration, but it does encrypt extremely well."

2021-03-16 • Review Website • Software Ratings
"Besides being the author of FinalCrypt, I am also a very dependent user. I wrote FinalCrypt for myself to begin with because One Time Pad Multi File Encryption software simply wasn't available online. The best thing for me is knowing that FinalCrypt strictly follows the 4 One Time Pad rules encrypting my personal files unbreakable. Idealistically sharing something so valuable gives me a good feeling helping others in the battle of defending our digital privacy. I would like to thank all my users for their confidence in FinalCrypt. Thank you!"

2020-04-16 • Ron de Jong • Human Rights Activist • Software Developer