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Lies and more lies

Industrial Espionage

US White House

US Congress

United States NSA

Governments the Military the NSA and Big Tech have virtually all lied about their national and foreign espionage programs, decryption capabilities and backdoors

Decades of dark secrets revealed by whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are the tip of the iceberg
We can't trust governments and industries to tell the truth and respect our privacy

Surveillance Capitalists spying on us to learn about our desires and weaknesses are keeping us at work to buy their unsustainable products filling their pockets polluting the earth drive our political domains whom in turn profit from taxation

Knowledge is power and the more knowledge the profiteer secretly gathers about it's target (consumers), the more benefit can be gained through manipulation and exploitation

The difference in how deep one group understands the other gives the advantage of harvesting the product of hard labour. Stage play to care and respect for peoples privacy while keeping silent about exorbitant perverted self-enrichment is the name of the game

We are being lied to about international governmental security standards as the Security News makes clear. We should and can no longer trust security standards set by our rulers

The only scientifically known unbreakable encryption algorithm is One Time Pad Encryption which is used by governments but never became a standard offered to the public

The public also has a right to Unbreakable One Time Pad Encryption to protect against behavioral manipulation from market-oriented politicians and self-enriching capitalists

FinalCrypt is an answer to "Surveillance Capitalism"

FinalCrypt Key Points


• One Time Pad Encryption
• Free - Including Support
• For Windows, Mac & Linux
• Portable & Install Package
• Supporting 75 languages
• Automatic Key Generator
• Encrypt 4 billion files in 1 go
• No filesize limits (buffer I/O)
• VirusTotal Safety Tested
• Non-profit & OpenSource
• Trust NSA AES Encryption ?
• Disk Encryption is Unsafe
• Pub Key Encryption Unsafe
• Read The Security News
• Aid Legal & Human Rights

How does FinalCrypt work

Full Circle Magazine

• Unbreakable One Time Pad Encryption
FIPS 140-2 and RFC 1750 compliant keys
• Design blocks spyware & key harvesting
• Optional password protects stolen keys


User Interface supports 75 languages
• Bulk file encryption without filesize limit
Full Featured Command Line Interface
• Cross Platform  Cloud Safe  Encryption

Auto Key

• Revolutionized One Time Pad Encryption
• Select Auto Key Directory (USB Storage)
• Encryption automatically creates   keys
• Decryption automatically matches keys


Full Circle Magazine

Full Circle Magazine

"Finalcrypt seems to be an answer to the current work being done by government agencies on elliptical curve encryption, ‘coz, let’s face it, the threat to privacy is internal these days too. (Like when the GCHQ hacked Belgain telecoms). Cryptography is almost the only thing that protects your digital privacy, and, if you care, you should encrypt everything. If you want to keep your data truly safe, you need OTP and thus Finalcrypt. Ron has put in tremendous effort to make your world a safer place" by Full Cirle Magazine

Unbreakable One Time Pad
Windows • Mac • Linux
Free • OpenSource • Safe
Automatic Keys
Spyware Safe

Protect your private files

Mass Surveillance technologies develop in stealth
silently taking place right now inside your computer

We can complicate human behavior with numerous of theories and modern complexities in society, but that only blurs the root cause of our exploitive human behavior and that's the human predatory nature we also posses. All predators our behavioral experts and study their prey before attack or abuse. This preliminary phase is what we conceive as espionage and it's either meant to study a defence strategy against offenders or an offence strategy against prey. First thing to do when among predators is blind their espionage. That's why FinalCrypt was developed giving all world citizens free military grade spyware resistant file encryption. Beware that any form of Disk Encryption isn't spyware resistant as you can read more about in the next page!